Did I Shut The Garage Door?

This is a question you may find yourself asking all too often after leaving your house. Sometimes the uncertainty may be enough to cause you to point your car back home to do a drive-by and ensure your door is actually closed!

The added stress and wasted time checking on the status of your garage door can easily be remedied with the installation of a smart garage door opener by A.I. Home Solutions. This simple addition to your existing garage door opener can set you on the path to home automation that was once only available to high-end home buyers or by adding wiring throughout your home that came with a hefty price tag.

The smart garage door opener provides peace of mind when away from home by ensuring your family and your personal belongings are protected from intruders by cutting off an opportunistic entry point - your garage. This inexpensive solution is one of the top starting points in home automation and provides you with peace of mind to tackle the other challenges in your busy day. 

A.I. Home Solutions can show you how adding a smart hub in your home can link your smart garage door opener with other compatible smart home devices to create simple voice and smartphone commands when you in your home and away.

As an example, the smart hub can be programmed to turn on any smart lights and unlock your smart deadbolt if the garage door is opened. Now, as your hands are full carrying in the groceries you can walk into your home without pulling out a key and without having to worry about fumbling around to find the light switch! It can also send you a text message to alert you if the garage door is opened to provide further security while you are away from home.

The smart hub also allows for you to add an unlimited number of compatible devices as new technology is introduced and your smart home needs grow. 

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