Don't Be the Next Victim of a Crime of Opportunity

A.I. Home Solutions can help keep you, your loved ones and your belongings safe

We started A.I. Home Solutions with the simple mission of using the latest technology to improve the quality of people’s lives. Home security is one of the areas that Smart Home technology can have a big impact. Criminals roam through our neighborhoods looking for easy targets. Open garage doors, unlocked entry doors and cars parked outside are all examples of situations that make you a crime of opportunity. A.I. Home Solutions can keep you connected to your home even when you are not there.


Top Reasons Criminals Target a Home


1) They think no one is home

When criminals think a home is empty, they are more likely to enter.  With smart home technology, you can setup cameras motion-detection cameras around home entrances and program lights to come on even when you are not home, which always gives your house a lived in look. 


2) Opportunity - Unlocked Doors, Cars, and Garages

In our busy lives with people and kids coming and going, it's easy to forget to close the garage or lock all your doors when leaving. A.I. Home Solutions' home automation technology let's you check your home status on your smartphone ensuring your garage is closed and your doors are locked from anywhere. By staying connected to your house at all times, you can still be sure you are keeping you, your family, and your belongings safe . 


3) The prime hours for burglars to attempt a break-in are 10am to 3pm

Crime and Opportunity are synonymous. That’s why criminals would prefer to target your home when they feel most confident no one is inside. Our smart devices allow you to stay connected to your home, even when you’re not there. We have live feed cameras, video doorbells with two-way audio, motion sensors and more to help you monitor what is happening in and around your home wherever and whenever needed.


Top Reasons Criminals Avoid a Home


1) They think someone is home

A.I. Home Solutions offers many products to give unwanted intruders the appearance of being home. Automated lighting, video doorbell technology, and self-monitored, motion-detection cameras all allow you to monitor your home from afar. As long as you have your smartphone with you, you are always home. 


2) They are concerned about a security system

A.I. Home Solutions can help you choose the most cost effective “smart” security solution. There are a number of self-monitored cameras on the market that notify you if someone is approaching your door or walking on your property. We can help you find the right fit to meet your needs at the right price. 


3) 90% of all home invasions can be prevented

That’s the result from analysts within the FBI. By putting in place some very basic security measures, you can help yourself from being the next home robbery statistic. A.I. Home Solutions has several smart door locks, garage door and windows sensors to help you reinforce the three main areas of egress where deterrent measures will have the most impact.



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