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Smart Home technology is not reserved for tech savvy consumers or brand new homes. These devices are surprisingly affordable and can add a touch of modern convenience to any existing home. A.I. Home Solutions can streamline the sale, install, set-up and integration of these devices so they work seamlessly the way they are supposed to the first time out of the box.

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Smart Technology refers to electronic devices connected to other devices or networks through wireless communications like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 4G, etc. Today everyday objects embedded with technology are capable of being interconnected via these networks, enabling them to send and receive data.

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This may sound confusing, but it really isn't. You're likely already using some of these every day technologies in and around your home today. If you've ever used hands-free phone capabilities in your car, subscription based services such as Netflix and Hulu through your television, even  running your smartphones and tablets off Wi-Fi - these are all examples of smart technology you're already using today to simplify and enhance your life.  


What We Do

Using your home's existing wiring, A.I. Home Solutions can upgrade switches, outlets, dimmers, speakers and more to turn any home into a smart home with packages and options to suit the budget conscious consumer. We carry the latest digital device assistants - like Amazon Echo and Google Assistant – enhancing their effectiveness to create true automated conveniences. A.I. Home Solutions will transform the functionality of your home with customized solutions tailored to your needs, your budget and your satisfaction.

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Intelligent voice assistant

Make the most of your Amazon Echo (Alexa), Apple HomePod, or Google Home when you connect your Intelligent Voice Assistant to your lights, outlets, music and more.  A.I. Home Solutions can help you unlock the power of these devices and give you capabilities to control your home's functionality simply with the power of your own voice. 

energy savings

The average home spends nearly $2,000 on energy costs every year. With lighting and thermostat control products you will be more energy efficient and begin lowering your bills all while improving the comfort of your home, even when you’re not home. Whether you want to schedule your heating and air conditioning to run different temperatures based on time of day or occupancy or set timing functions for lights throughout the house to ensure nothing is left on when you don’t want it to be - over time, used efficiently, these products will more than pay for themselves.

peace of mind

Control all of your home devices from anywhere at any time. Never again worry about whether you locked the doors on the way out of the house. With smart locks and smart garage door controls you can check the status of your home’s doors or lock and unlock them from anywhere letting family and guests in or out when needed. No more ‘drop everything and race home’ because someone forgot their house key. You’ll even be able to know when someone has entered or exited your home based on user specific codes.


Connect your home’s lights, doorbell, cameras, locks and garage doors.  With customizable security solutions like video-capable doorbells, motion sensors, entry detectors and fixed monitoring cameras you can always check on your home directly from your smartphone or tablet. A.I. Home Solutions offers simple security solutions designed to add an extra level of comfort without breaking the bank on a full-scale security suite. Smart security solutions mean you’re always home, even when you’re not.



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